VSE Update (1991-1997) Articles Sorted by Title

'Super' directory of members in VSE libraries (Dec 1992)
A routine to intercept and analyse data except (Sep 1992)
A scheduling program (Dec 1991)
A short tutorial on DL/I (Mar 1996)
Alias phase names (Jun 1996)
Alternative automatic restart prevention (Mar 1994)
An easy VSE to MVS connection (Sep 1997)
Analyse VSE SVA (Jun 1995)
Automated compile generator (Dec 1997)
Automated console (Jun 1992)
Automated operations (Dec 1991)
Automating the VSE to PC download process (Mar 1991)
Base Locator for Linkage Cells in COBOL (Jun 1993)
CICS commands from batch (Jun 1992)
CICS reporting system (Jun 1995)
COBOL program interface to VSE/POWER (Jun 1991)
CPU-ids for VSE (Mar 1991)
Checking correct date via IPL exit $SYSOPEN (Jun 1991)
Client/server compile EXEC using CMS BATCH (Jun 1996)
Coding SVA eligible programs (Mar 1992)
Communicating with VSE via VM/VSE interface (Dec 1996)
Communication between VSE and AIX using CICS (Dec 1996)
Compiling a book with copy books (Jun 1994)
Compression subroutine (Sep 1994)
Console scanner (Jun 1996)
Controlling tape assignment (Jun 1993)
Creating PTF tapes from downloaded CMS files (Jun 1994)
Customized VSE/POWER banner pages (Dec 1995)
DASD usage (Mar 1995)
DL/I HDAM database management (Sep 1991)
Detach logical unit (Dec 1997)
Determining reader/console mode of execution (Dec 1997)
Display a VSE VSAM LISTCAT in CMS (Jun 1995)
Display the VSE console from CICS (Mar 1994)
Display the console and viewing storage - update (Jun 1994)
Displaying the VSE lock file (Dec 1992)
Dynamic partition table and $COMVAR (Dec 1993)
Effectively handling packed-unsigned decimals (Sep 1991)
Enhanced POWER queue display (Mar 1991)
Faster compiles with IESINSRT (Jun 1994)
File block sizes and performance (Dec 1991)
File compare program (Sep 1994)
File generation datasets under VSE (Jun 1992)
Finding objects in VSE sublibraries (Jun 1996)
Format and display a control block (Jun 1994)
Format and print IBM control files (Jun 1993)
GET/PUT // SETPARM statement subroutine (Dec 1997)
Generating BMS maps from screen images (Sep 1993)
Generating GDDM vector symbol sets (Sep 1993)
Get CPU-id for several applications (Jun 1992)
Get RDR/LST/PUN queue subroutine (Mar 1997)
Get RDR/LST/PUN queue subroutine - part 2 (Jun 1997)
Hardcopy job completion summary (Dec 1992)
How to manipulate bits in a COBOL program (Mar 1994)
How to obtain volume characteristics informati (Dec 1991)
How to share ICCF in several VSE/SP4 systems (Dec 1991)
Interdependent jobs synchronization (Jun 1993)
Interface to use PL/I with conditional JCL (Sep 1991)
Internal sort routine (Jun 1991)
Issue a POWER command from batch (Jun 1992)
Issue an AR command from batch (Mar 1993)
Listing cartridge numbers for EPIC/VSE (Dec 1993)
Listing job-accounting (Dec 1995)
Loading tables in VSE batch (Dec 1991)
Looking for reply-ids? (Dec 1994)
NEWS without ICCF (Sep 1996)
Non-volatile cross-job VSE parameters (Mar 1991)
On-line VSE messages under VM (Mar 1991)
Operator communication interrupt (Mar 1992)
PF key support for VSE console (Sep 1991)
PF key support for VSE/ESA (Mar 1994)
POWER accounting system (Sep 1992)
POWER commands from a program (Sep 1991)
POWER commands through batch (Dec 1993)
POWER job accounting and history accumulation (Mar 1995)
POWER queue manipulation (Dec 1992)
POWER queue rotation and management (Dec 1992)
POWER time event scheduling exposed (Mar 1992)
PR/SM versus VM for VSE users (Dec 1991)
PROCs in dynamic partitions (Sep 1993)
PSF/VSE automatic resource refresh (Mar 1997)
Partition wait for a specified time (Jun 1991)
Performance analysis using GETJA macro (Mar 1993)
Preventing automatic restart of in-flight jobs (Jun 1992)
Preventing messages scrolling in VSE/ESA (Sep 1993)
Print file segmentation for COBOL programs (Dec 1991)
Printing a list of users and their passwords (Sep 1993)
Problems with old librarian commands (Mar 1993)
Processing EXEC PARM values with COBOL (Sep 1992)
QMF 3.1 user enhancements (Dec 1994)
Query VSE CICS user-id from VM/CMS (Sep 1996)
Quick display of devices (Mar 1991)
REXX tracking system (Sep 1996)
REXX tracking system - part 2 (Dec 1996)
REXX/VSE - new possibilities for native users (Sep 1996)
REXX/VSE to LE/VSE interface (Sep 1997)
RSCS to POWER (Mar 1992)
Reader's letter (Jun 1992)
Reading VSE/SP3 libraries from CMS (Jun 1991)
Record cut and paste utility for sequential files (Sep 1993)
Recording a VSE hardcopy file (Mar 1993)
Replacement for the IUI sign-on program (Sep 1995)
Running CSP batch (Mar 1991)
SENDFVSE - transfer utility using reader (Sep 1997)
SQL monitor (Sep 1995)
SQL table and index usage (Dec 1994)
SQL/DS guest sharing with VM/VSE (Sep 1991)
Saving all relevant VM/VSE data (Mar 1997)
Saving all relevant VM/VSE data - part 2 (Jun 1997)
Scanning VSE/ESA libraries (Dec 1993)
Secret' POWER parameters (Jun 1991)
Security when starting VSE (Mar 1991)
Send fonts to ASCII laser printers (Jun 1993)
Setting return codes from within COBOL (Mar 1992)
Single deck start-up of CICS for VSE (Sep 1994)
Slimming down VSE's printlog (Sep 1991)
Spool RDR/LST/PUN queue subroutine (Sep 1997)
Stacking the VSE console (Jun 1991)
Storage dump utility (Sep 1991)
Subroutine to set return codes from COBOL (Sep 1992)
Switching tape drives between LPARs (Jun 1994)
Synchronizing batch tasks (Dec 1997)
System unit record file reset (Sep 1992)
Tape utility program (Sep 1991)
Transferring VM print to POWER's print queue (Sep 1993)
Unique dynamic partition tables (Dec 1992)
Unload magnetic tape drives for reuse (Mar 1992)
Unloading packages from a listing from ISQL (Dec 1994)
Updated VSE/ESA batch operator (Sep 1993)
Updated VSE/ESA batch operator (Mar 1996)
Using IOCP with VSE (Sep 1992)
Using PDUMP from a high-level language program (Dec 1992)
Using SVA load lists under VSE/ESA 1.1.0 (Dec 1994)
Using a virtual CTCA (Jun 1991)
VM/VSE fullscreen menuing system (Mar 1996)
VSAM filenames and label areas (Dec 1995)
VSE POWER command execution subroutine (Jun 1996)
VSE POWER reader exit routine (Jun 1995)
VSE VTOC display utility (Mar 1995)
VSE batch operator (Jun 1991)
VSE batch operator (Mar 1993)
VSE batch operator - revisited (Jun 1993)
VSE to MVS conversion experience (Mar 1993)
VSE/ESA 'super directory' (Dec 1993)
VSE/ESA 'super directory' - revisited (Jun 1994)
VSE/ESA - an early user experience (Jun 1991)
VSE/ESA - an early user experience - revisited (Sep 1991)
VSE/ESA - the way to the future (Mar 1991)
VSE/ESA 1.3.0 (Mar 1993)
VSE/ESA 2.1 reply-ids (Mar 1996)
VSE/ESA real storage utilization (Sep 1994)
Viewing VSE storage (Mar 1994)
Viewing the console while in ICCF (Dec 1993)
Which CPU? (Dec 1992)