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PC/Transfer Automated File Transfer

PC/Transfer is a PC-Host File Transfer System that allows data to be transferred between z/OS and any PC that is running a 3270 emulator or using a TCP/IP connection.

  • All transfers can be secured on the host, using sign-on authorization, and an extensive set of security options is available to limit access to host datasets, reports, and members to appropriate PC users.
  • The Host Initiated Automatic File Transfer feature (HOSTAFT) allows transfers to be initiated by the host through a batch jobstream or a CICS application program
  • Types of data that can be transferred to and from the PC:
    • EzEDIT members
    • Output in the JES2 queues
    • VSAM datasets
    • VSAM-managed-SAM datasets
    • SAM datasets
    • CICS transient data (uploads to CICS only)
    • CICS temporary storage queues
  • The host side of PC/Transfer runs under CICS.
  • The PC-to-host connection can be LU 6.2 or TCP/IP.
  • An online transaction (FTRM) is provided to define to the host the types of transfers that are to be supported and which PC users are allowed to perform them
  • A “Transfer Activity Log” can be maintained by the host side of PC/Transfer in a VSAM RRDS dataset. An online transaction (FTRL) is provided for viewing this log, which can also be maintained at each PC.
  • Transfers are initiated and controlled by the PC. In this mode, the host side acts as a server, responding to the requests from the PC.
  • Transfers can be performed by request or can be automated
  • Data can be transferred in either EBCDIC or ASCII, with or without CRLF separation
  • A script language is provided for both the PC and the host for use during all downloads. Scripts can be used for record selection and data format conversions, and the PC script can also be used for other file conversions.
  • A PC upload script can be used to concatenate PC files and/or wrap host JCL around files during uploads





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