Data Management

Data-MinerComprehensive Information and Data Management System

Data-Miner is the complete information manager, able to create from the simplest to the most complex reports.  All common data-manipulation functions are provided, including the ability to search, sort, print, extract, update, dump and copy your critical information.

  • Supported data sources are sequential and VSAM files and DB2 databases.
  • Replaces multiple utilities and gives you one simple product to accomplish most of your day-to-day data handling and reporting tasks, saving you time and licensing costs
  • Besides its own simple language, Data-Miner also understands Easytrieve and German. This means you can take your existing Easytrieve programs and run them unmodified with Data-Miner. Or users who are used to Easytrieve can include Easytrieve commands and parameters in their Data-Miner jobs.
  • COBOL copybooks can be imported directly into Data-Miner.  No redefining of record layouts is necessary.
  • Useful for a number of tasks—without requiring extensive programming skills—including
    • COPY one file to another
    • SORT a file into any order, selecting, skipping, and updating records on the way
    • DELETE or INSERT records in a file
    • UPDATE records in a file
    • EXTRACT parts of records and/or files into a new file
    • PRINT a report from a file (automatically formatted or user-formatted)
    • DUMP a file or selected records or fields to the printer
    • SHOW selected fields on the printer
  • Data-Miner can change file organization, recording medium, block size, record length, or record content while copying data to a new dataset.
  • Data-Miner has a simple PRINT command and a more powerful report writer. The PRINT command produces a formatted report that Data-Miner lays out for you. Records can be selected or skipped for printing, so you get a report of just the data you want.
  • The report writer is equally at home producing mailing labels—tell it how big the labels are, what information you want on them, and how many there are across the page, and it will print them for you
  • Data-Miner uses your normal SORT program to sort files into any order you like. Its commands are far more friendly than those of SORT, and you can write pre-sort, post-sort, input, and output routines in Data-Miner so that your file sorts become easier to maintain and understand.
  • Data-Miner/Online is an online VSAM editing system that programmers use as a development and testing aid:
    • All VSAM and temporary storage read/write functions are supported under CICS
    • Records can be displayed in either alphanumeric or hexadecimal format
    • Records can be read by key, and browsed, added, updated, and deleted without any programming knowledge
  • Data-Miner/VE is a general purpose VSAM module that simplifies and standardizes access to VSAM files
    • Works with any language that can call an assembler routine including fourth generation languages (4GL) such as NATURAL and Focus
    • Provides a more efficient way of accessing VSAM from programs written in COBOL and PL/I
    • Works for CICS programs, bringing new simplicity to the job of the online transaction programmer
    • Provides consistent VSAM access across applications and processing environments, and reduces VSAM training needs for your programming staff—VSAM expertise is no longer required to access VSAM files!
  • Under z/OS, the Data-Miner ISPF editor lets programmers browse and edit any dataset that they have access to
    • Editing can be done in character, hex, or both, making it an ideal tool for incorporating test conditions into datasets quickly


Conversion Info:

  • Data-Miner Replaces:
    • CA Easytrieve


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